craniosacral therapy

“Watch carefully the magic that occurs when you give a person enough comfort to just be themselves.” Atticus

Craniosacral therapy works with the energy currents, fascia and other soft tissues, as well as various fluid circulations within the body. A lot of the treatment focuses on the tissues surrounding our skull (cranium), pelvis (sacrum) and spine. This is our “core”, and it houses our most vital organs and important structures, such as our central nervous system, brain, heart and the gut.

Imbalances within these areas can cause complex physical and mental health issues, and equally, resolving these blockages can result in positive a flow-on effect on many other seemingly unrelated areas of our wellbeing.

During the treatment, which happens through clothing, the therapist tunes into the fluidic rhythms within the body. By observing their quality, symmetry and tone, possible imbalances or causes of physical or emotional un-ease, can be located and treated.

The techniques often feel light and gentle but they can create powerful shifts within the physical body and the subconscious mind. A client may experience various physical sensations during treatment; heat, tingling and twitching are common responses as the tissues start to unwind. Emotional reactions such as tears, giggles and memories popping up are also normal and welcomed.

Craniosacral therapy is often used to treat complaints such as headaches, migraines, jaw and tooth problems, back pain, stress and hormone related as well as chronic pain conditions, insomnia, anxiety etc.

Receiving regular treatments is also a wonderful way to maintain health and vitality and stay balanced. Many people also use CST as part of their spiritual practice as the treatments often induce a deep meditative state which in turn allows insights and inner guidance to surface.


distance session

Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.” (Albert Einstein)

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a modality that can be performed in a hands-on setting or via distance.

Distance craniosacral session can be just as effective and feel as “real” as the hands-on session, even though this can seem hard to believe at first.

As quantum physicists have proven, everything is made up of energy and vibration, including the human body. By focused intention and attunement to the energetic field, both the therapist and client can sense physical changes in the tissues and any restrictions and blockages can be treated the same way as in a face-to-face session.

A distance session can be done via video call (Zoom, WhatsApp, etc), via phone. During a brief discussion at the beginning we determine your desired treatment outcomes, and at the end we check-in for any additional support you may require.

A session can also be done without a phone/video when both the therapist and client agree to “meet” energetically at a prearranged time. In the this case, an email is sent to follow up after the session.

loving the body you live in

Craniosacral therapy can assist with the following:

  • Migraines and headaches
  • Back pain, chronic pain conditions
  • Stress and tension-related disorders
  • TMJ and jaw issues
  • Nervous system disorders
  • PTSD, depression, anxiety, nervousness
  • Inducing deep relaxation and emotional wellbeing
  • Enhancing spiritual wellness and connection to source energy

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