Untangle and unwind with craniosacral therapy

You may have heard me enthusing about a modality called craniosacral therapy lately! I had the best time in Melbourne recently learning this new and exciting technique with the Upledger Institute and I am so excited to share it with you.   MODALITY WITH A MYSTERIOUS NAME Craniosacral therapy is a soothing treatment that aims […]

Home made cosmetics – Part 2: coffee scrub and honey body wash

In my last blog post I shared a few of my trusty home made (edible!) cosmetics recipes that I use on a daily basis. And I couldn’t wait to share a couple more! Making your own skin care products is so easy, and what’s best is that you know exactly what goes on your skin […]

Home made cosmetics – Part 1: face cleanser, toner and tooth paste

Have you ever stopped to think how many chemicals our body comes in contact with on a daily basis? Shampoo, deodorant, tooth paste, shaving/hair removal products, makeup, nail polish, perfume, even feminine hygiene products often contain harmful, irritating, carcinogenic or hormone disruptive ingredients.  Yet we lather these chemicals onto our skin voluntarily, several times a day. […]

What is your pain trying to tell you?

As a massage therapist I see clients with various presentations of pain on a daily basis. Often there is a “rational” explanation for our discomfort. For example too many hours hunched over a computer will usually result in tight shoulders and headaches. But have you ever thought there could be something else “weighing on our […]

green city

Staying grounded – what is earthing and how it can improve your health

I have always been drawn to natural landscapes. Forests, beaches, mountains, lakesides, any green space where Mother Nature gets to show off her beauty and calm. Whenever I visit a new city, more than ticking off the must-see’s, I seem to be drawn to its parks, the serene, air purifying “lungs”. Or when I feel […]

pregnancy massage faqs

“Do I have to have my belly massaged?” and other pregnancy massage FAQ’s

I get asked a lot of questions about pregnancy massage and there seems to be a lot of different opinions out there about the topic, particularly the regarding safety and precautions.  I have compiled a list of the questions I get asked the most. If you have a friend or relative who is unsure about […]

Random act of kindness – with a twist!

Today I watched a video by an author and teacher that I greatly admire – Anita Moorjani. (You may have heard of or read her bestseller book Dying to Be Me, a story of her near death experience.) What caught my attention in today’s video was the concept of Random Act of Kindness, which according […]

Survival guide to the silly season

I’m pretty sure I speak for most of us when I say I just can’t believe how fast another year has gone by! It really is THAT time of the year already. We’re speeding towards Christmas, trying desperately to find time for all the social gatherings, catch ups, present buying, preparations, things that need to […]

How to supercharge your diet – without it tasting “too healthy”!

I believe most of us want to feel healthy and eat the foods that are good for us, right? I am definitely one to get really excited about the latest health food trend. I dive all in, stick with the habit for a few weeks, even months, and then sadly get bored and abandon the […]


Why self care is the sanest thing to do

You may have heard the word “self care” thrown around a lot lately. I know I love to preach about it whenever I get a chance! So, why is it such a buzz word all of a sudden? Is it just another “thing” that we have to add on to our to-do list (because there’s […]