Craniosacral therapy FAQ’s

What is craniosacral therapy? How does it work? Can it benefit X, Y, Z condition? I get a lot of enquiries about CST and have collated some of the most commonly asked questions into this post to give you a better understanding of this gentle, yet incredibly effective modality.   The body is a symphony […]

loving the body you live in

Loving the Body You live in

Body image issues are talked about a lot these days. Every era has its (unrealistic) beauty ideals and I think it’s safe to say that in the age of Botox, Photoshop and Instagram filters this pressure to look at our “best” isn’t going anywhere… Body image is often a very complex psychological issue that has […]

Sacred seasons of the menstrual cycle

Unless you’re actively trying to conceive, you probably don’t give your menstrual cycle much thought. It’s just a thing that us women ‘put up with’ throughout our reproductive years, right? In general, periods tends to have quite a bad rap. We talk about PMS, mood swings, bloating, irritability, cramps, that time of the month (with […]

5 reasons why I love being a massage therapist

I love my work as a remedial massage therapist and a craniosacral therapist. It may seem like hard work for some, but I actually really look forward to going to work every day. How good is that?! Here’s my top 5 best things about my work: 1. AMAZING CLIENTS This is by far the best […]

Could we stop apologising for our body?

This topic is so close to my heart. As a massage therapist I hear a lot of women apologise for not having shaved their legs. Or make a comment about their weight or cellulite or some other feature they deem unacceptable. I used to do this too, and it breaks my heart every time I […]

Practising stillness in the desert

Recently I took a few weeks off to to walk the Larapinta trail in the Australian desert. Larapinta is a 230km hike sprawling across the West McDonnell ranges near Alice Springs. Hiking in remote nature, taking in the desert scenery, cooking dehydrated meals on a little gas burner and sleeping in a tent under the […]

Discovering Winter’s blessings

Winter seems to invoke two very different reactions in the Australian population. One half rejoices in the relief that the cooler weather brings. The other half whinges about the lack of day light and shivers with the first breath of cool air. I, despite of been brought up in the Northern hemisphere, belong to the […]

My Kimchi recipe aka Sauerkraut on steroids

Winter is here (in Australia) and it does seem to be the season for sniffles, colds and flus. Boo! Nobody likes to get knocked around with whatever’s going around the office. In order to be able to resist all the bugs we need a strong immune system. And to strengthen our immune system we need […]

remedial massage is freedom from pain

Why I love using magnesium

You may have been recommended trying Epsom salt baths after exercise or magnesium supplements to reduce muscle cramps.  This is because magnesium is well-known for its ability to aid in optimising our muscle function and recovery. But what you may not have known is that magnesium also plays an important role in our cardiovascular health, […]