Could we stop apologising for our body?

This topic is so close to my heart. As a massage therapist I hear a lot of women apologise for not having shaved their legs. Or make a comment about their weight or cellulite or some other feature they deem unacceptable. I used to do this too, and it breaks my heart every time I hear an apology like this.

Who taught us our bodies were wrong / ugly / too much / too little?? What happened to the little child who ran around freely, not holding their tummy in or not worrying about the shape/size of their body? Life, I guess, happens, and we learn to hide and conceal and be ashamed.

But the truth is our worth has got absolutely nothing to do with looks, even beauty has got nothing to do with looks. What is beautiful, is self-love and acceptance. Loving our body the way it is. Not 5kg thinner but as we are NOW.

Self-acceptance is a skill that can be learned with practice, practise and more practise. It a relentless commitment to love and praise out bodies for all the things they allow us to do and feel and experience. It is also a commitment to stop criticising ourselves for the way we (think we) look.

So next time you come in for a massage with hairy legs, trust that I’m not there to judge you, I am there to support and cheer you on on your journey to wellness, freedom and joy!

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