5 reasons why I love being a massage therapist

I love my work as a remedial massage therapist and a craniosacral therapist. It may seem like hard work for some, but I actually really look forward to going to work every day. How good is that?! Here’s my top 5 best things about my work:


This is by far the best thing about my job – having the most amazing clients. I truly, honestly, feel this way! I consider myself very lucky to get to do work I love and get to meet such interesting, inspiring and NICE people every day. And I’m not just sucking up here!play

Think about it. A person walking into a massage clinic is most likely in a pretty happy mood & looking forward to their un-interrupted hour on the treatment table, hence a delight to deal with! Even when clients arrive in pain, they mostly walk out feeling a better and healthier. So, I hardly ever get “difficult” people in through the door.

Instead I get to spend time with (often) likeminded people who appreciate the work I do. I also get to hear amazing life stories, learn new things about the world and form meaningful human connections every single day.

I feel very humbled that my clients trust me with their aches, pains, stresses and stories, and allow me to be a part of their healing process. It really is something special to witness the transformations that can occur on the treatment table, when a person finds their “ease,” physically, mentally and emotionally.



I am a woman, but I cannot for the life of me multitask! At. All. Actually research now suggest most of us can’t, but we seem to associate productivity with doing lots of things simultaneously. Well, it’s never worked for me.

I love the fact that I get to give each client my full attention for the whole duration of the treatment. I can be fully present for them, and listen with my hands what is going on for them physically and emotionally. I find this mindful and focused state really calming and inspiring. It’s like meditating for a living! Plus I get to listen to relaxing tunes all day long, which is a bonus!




I’ve always been a very hands-on, tactile person. Before I changed careers and became a massage therapist, I studied Art Education and took every possible pottery course that was available through my Uni! I have always sewn, painted, baked and created things with my hands, so I guess it’s not a wonder that the human body became my medium that I now work on full time!



If you told the 25 year old me that in a few years I was to start my own business and become my own boss, I wouldn’t have believed you! But now I can’t imagine another way of making a living.

I love my flexible hours (slow morning beach walks are the best!) and the freedom of choosing when and how much I work. Some weeks I can pull massive days and other times I feel the need to knock off early in order to schedule some selfcare in. My boss is a very understanding and lovely lady like that!

There’s the downside of course to working for yourself but so far the perks outweigh the negatives by a mile!



As a massage therapist I see how tough it can be for my office-bound clients to sit down at their desks all day, and it really makes me appreciate my ability to move around at my job. Sure, I’m on my feet all day, sometimes hunched over in not-so-ergonomic position, but over the years I’ve become pretty good at catching myself when my posture starts to slip.herbal tea

And amazingly my feet (or my back or my hands) don’t feel tired by the end of the day, unless it’s been an absolutely humongous day. Muscles are amazing that way, the more you use them, the stronger they get and less they complain.

But of course I do try to walk my talk too – getting regular massages, stretching, eating and moving well as well as taking time for things that bring me joy.


If you would like to schedule a remedial/relaxation massage or craniosacral therapy session with me, you can do so here





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