Home made cosmetics – Part 2: coffee scrub and honey body wash

In my last blog post I shared a few of my trusty home made (edible!) cosmetics recipes that I use on a daily basis. And I couldn’t wait to share a couple more!

Making your own skin care products is so easy, and what’s best is that you know exactly what goes on your skin and into your body.  And why wouldn’t we reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals, when making your own skincare only takes a few minutes and some simple ingredients from the pantry?

Word of warning: Once you try making this delicious lemony coconutty coffee scrub and fragrant honey body wash, you will never look back…



Honestly, this scrub is heavenly. Especially if you’re a coffee lover like me.

It has got some caffeine in it of course, and that is why I use it in my morning shower. This lemony coffee concoction combined with the hot steam of the shower is almost good as a fresh cup of strong flat white from my favourite café! Or maybe even better…

The scrub is best used on the body, but I do use it on my face aswell. Just make you apply it GENTLY if using on your face, as coffee grinds can be too abrasive otherwise on the delicate skin.

Here it is, the most delicious scrub that leaves your skin super smooth! You will not need to moisturise afterwards. Try it, you’ll see what I mean.

Ps. Just keep in mind that my recipes are always more about the right “feel” than exact measurements… give it a go and have fun!


Mix together 1 tablespoon of liquid honey, couple of tablespoons of coconut oil (melted) and 3-5 drops of lemon essential oil. (You could also use freshly squeezed lemon and some of the rind grated finely but essential oil gives a stronger zing.) Stir to combine. Add approx. ½ cup very finely ground coffee until you have a paste/scrub like consistency. If the paste is too runny, just add more coffee grinds. You can also go 50/50 in coffee and fine sugar if you want. If it’s too dry, add more oil. It is ok to use recycled coffee grinds, just make sure they are dry’ish. Store the scrub in a glass jar. You can roll or pinch the “dough” into little portion size nuggets for easy use.

The scrub keeps well in room temperature. I just make a small portion at a time and keep the jar in the shower. But if you are only planning to use the scrub once every blue moon, you can pop in the fridge. This way the mixture can be stored for months but it’s so yummy that you’ll probably use it much sooner than that!



I call this body wash but you can also use it as a handwash. There’s no real reason to use antibacterial soaps for our hands or body. Commercial body washes and soaps contain harsh chemicals and alcohol and tend to dry and irritate our skin as well kill the good bacteria, which is not good news for our immune system.

So, let’s make our own!

This recipe was originally from Wellness Mama’s blog. I’ve been making it for a long time varying the essential oil combinations to keep it interesting and fun. I usually use peppermint, sage, thyme or eucalyptus essential oils in the body wash for their deodorising properties.  Then I add a few more flavours, like lemongrass, lemon or orange essential oils for some uplifting aromas! You can choose whatever oils you like and get all creative in your kitchen lab!


I reuse an old soap / body wash bottle with a pump. Just make sure you’ve washed it well. I pour 2-3 tbsp Dr. Bronner’s* liquid castile soap into the bottle along with 1-2 tbsp liquid honey, 2 tbsp olive oil and about 10 drops (or more if like) of essential oils. Then I fill the rest of the bottle with water (about  1 – 1.5 cups), mixing slowly and gently, without foaming the soap too much. And that’s all there is to it, easy-peasy.

The oils can separate over time and rise to the top of the bottle, but a bit of a shake before using is all you need to mix it back up. If you have one of those empty bottles from a “foaming hand soap”, by all means refill it with your new home made soap mixture for a bubbly body/hand wash.

*Dr, Bronner’s soap is  the gentlest, most eco-friendly soap and can be bought from most health food shops. It can be used for pretty much anything, from shampoo, hand and body wash to dishwashing and laundry! It is great to take with you when you go camping as it is biodegradable and safe to use when washing your clothes, dishes or yourself in a river, lake or ocean!

Alternatively, you could just grate a couple of tbsp of solid soap bar and mix it with the water to turn it into a liquid soap, then add the oil, honey and fragrances.


Once again. let me know how you go with cooking up your own skin care! I hope you love making and using them as much as I do!

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